God's 7 Step Plan

Step Two

The LORD God's Heavenly Planned Workings
upon Wayward Planetary Societies

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD,
thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


The LORD God does initiate the SECOND Heavenly Step of His planned workings upon this wayward planet, for the growth and building of this small group of Chosen People to become a more sizable and secure communal body of individuals.

The LORD does take necessary action to cause His Chosen People to become virtually enslaved within a slave-like bondage under another more powerful and secured community of people.

In doing this, the LORD seeks to accomplish:
• To compound a much greater population growth of His initially created small (tribal) body of Chosen People.
• To institute a much needed and more secure way to protect that Chosen People from other larger surrounding communities, or forces, building around that body of Chosen People a more protective wall of security from the outside forces of destructive warfare, plundering, or any deep infiltration of influence from outside ungodly doctrine.
• To enable Himself to employ a deeper Heavenly growth within a more protected and secure planetary condition. Affording Him an atmosphere where He can more ably direct His Chosen People into becoming a nation. A nation that does become founded and indwelled within the true personage of the LORD God, His Personal Good, and God's Heavenly desires, values, concepts and ideals within their planetary mannerisms and attitudes.

The LORD does allow His Chosen People to become subject to slavery-bondage. The type of slavery-bondage that is not drastically oppressive and confining. It is one that does afford a deep degree of self-rule. Allowing that Chosen People enough freedom to combine Godly and nationalized ideals or undertakings together within their maturing community. The early Chosen Hebrews had a vast amount of freedom under their Egyptian enslavers.

The LORD does bring this slavery-bondage about in a slow and peaceful way over a long period of time, also allowing the Egyptian leadership to be at ease with the ever growing numbers of Hebrews.
The LORD does also see to it that the Egyptian rulers do allow the Hebrews to govern themselves without much political, or social interference.

The LORD God's Chosen People were growing in great numbers and prosperity under their captors, but their personal ties with Heavenly matters were not yet firmly affixed enough upon God Personally, and His Personal Good. Because of this fact, many of the early Chosen Hebrews were seen to have become to greatly influenced and blinded by Satan. Many had begun to even look towards the acceptance of the Egyptian misconceptions of whom or what was truly God, and began to greatly neglect Him. Many others would be found to forgo even paying any deep homage unto THE TRUE GOD OF THE WORLD that was, and is the God of their forefathers. The LORD knew earlier that this was likely to occur.

When the LORD does feel that the time is right, He does then begin upon His plan of not only altering their immediate prosperity, but most importantly their entire future.
He does then begin upon His plan to bring His Chosen Community of People more closely to His Personal Bosom of knowledge and acceptance of the only accurate and true Personal God, and His Personal Good of the entire planet. The only accurate and true Personal God of the planet that set and established the foundations of not only their livelihoods, but also the existence of the entire universe.

It is during this period that the LORD does begin the final important task within His ultimate plan surrounding this SECOND Heavenly taken Step.
It is also a period of great hardships and demise of material wealth for the LORD's Chosen People. Most importantly it was a period which does see them grow even greater in numbers (Exodus 1:12).
Because of their growing afflictions and bondage, those Chosen People that had earlier looked favorably upon Satan's Egyptian blinding, do begin to see that blindness for what it really is, and begin to draw closer to the light of the only actual and true God. The God of their forefathers is the only and true Personal God of the entire world and Heavenly universe. Most importantly for them he is the only and true Personal God that chose to create their existence as a most specially Chosen People for Himself upon the planet.

The LORD God's beginning preparation and completion of this SECOND Step within His Heavenly planned workings upon this wayward planetary society is historically documented in The LORD's infallible written Word (the Bible) in the book of Genesis chapters 37-50.