Step Four

God's 7 Step Plan

The LORD God's Heavenly Planned Workings
upon Wayward Planetary Societies

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD,
thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


The LORD God does take the FOURTH Step within His Heavenly planned workings upon each wayward planetary society that exists within the universe by interjecting a vast array of miracles amongst His Chosen People.
The LORD does this to affirm not only a deeper feeling of security within the Chosen People, but also to establish a Heavenly envision and a testament of His planned Visitation for wayward individuals to see and accord themselves to.

Prophets are used by the LORD as His mouthpieces:
• To make known the LORD's important Heavenly messages, and are used by Him in the continuing to give His Personal Heavenly guidance to His Chosen People.
• To herald in of the LORD's Heavenly enlightenments within select knowledge given to His Chosen People.
• To foretell of the LORD's Heavenly blessings to occur amongst His Chosen community of individuals.
• To denounce any corruption that might arise amongst His Chosen community of individuals.
• To give the LORD's Heavenly warnings of impending disaster, or futuristic fateful developments that could, or would occur if such evils were not curtailed.
Which Satan did influence certain members of God's Chosen People to kill prophets that He does use as His Personal messengers/mouth piece.

Angels are the LORD's most Personal universal Armies and Caretakers of the living life that exist on the planetary societies which He does create within the universe.
Angels do assist Him in bringing prosperity, organization, and advancement to the general existence of all the living life and creatures that He would be creating in the universe.
Angels do what is necessary to both watch over, and if necessary give aid unto the inhabitants of planetary societies in the fulfillment of the LORD's planned workings upon wayward planetary society.
Some Angels are responsible for the conveying of revelation to certain wayward individuals.
Some Angels are responsible for the making of Heavenly announcements to certain wayward individuals.
Some Angels watch over and protect certain wayward individuals that have some sort of direct or indirect influence to or within the LORD's Heavenly planned workings.

Even though the LORD does go through great lengths with His Chosen People to protect, mature, and teach them of Himself and His Personal Godliness, He is also very aware of three important facts relevant to their planetary nature.
The LORD does have concerns...
Concern #1- The Physical Nature
• That their physical nature could allow the weakening of their understandings within their given spiritual nature, and within this weakness their views concerning Heavenly matters might become allowed to deviate from their intended pathways to the LORD God. Even from His Personal teachings, wants, and desires.
• The LORD also realizes He can travel and understand the physical and spiritual realms of existence that His Chosen People cannot because of their planetary restrictions.
• The LORD knew because His Chosen People are physically restricted planetary creatures, their understanding of Him and His Godliness might become easily interpreted, realized, or ontemplated in the light of miraculous physical realities.

Concern #2- The Establishment of Miracles

• The LORD does introduce miracles amongst and surrounding the livelihoods of His Chosen People to more personally guide and mature His Chosen People's confidence and faith as a Personally Chosen Community of individuals to Himself and His Personal Godliness.
• The LORD is aware and concerned that His Chosen People will become influenced by Satan enough to develop within themselves attitudes filled with great prides, superiority feelings, or stiffneckedness, especially within their relationships and feelings towards other surrounding communities upon the planet.
• The LORD is also very aware and concerned that within such possible influence of stiffneckedness and pride that His Chosen People might even cause their personally given views and understanding of Himself, His Godliness, and His Heavenly desires in values, concepts or wants to become gravely distorted, misconstrued, confounded, misinterpreted, or even mismanaged.
• The LORD knew because of their physical planetary nature that they would have tendencies of striving, and looking upon, judging, interpreting, or attempting to realize the physical realities that do surround any of His given miraculous endeavors put forth or initiated within them.
Allowing Satan a vehicle by which he can use to more easily influence, redirect and influence their spiritual understanding of the LORD's accurate workings within them, especially for a more physically viewed direction towards Heaven.
• The LORD is concerned that Satan might seek to cause the Chosen People to blindly misunderstand, misinterpret, not view, or even not cared about the spiritual comprehension of His overall workings within them.
• The LORD knew because they are physical planetary creatures that they could become influenced by Satan to view and establish the meaning of any miraculous undertakings that He would initiate amongst them within physical discernments that they could overlook the spiritual discernments of those miraculous endeavors.
This leads to the LORD's next and third concern.

Concern #3- Distinguishing the Spirit of God

The LORD knew He needed a most special Way that could ultimately relate and affirm Himself to His Chosen Community of People upon a Physical level, because of the first two problems, and because He is generally understood by His Chosen People as being only of a Spiritual Reality.
The LORD chose a Physical Way that did in no way take away from the reality of His Spiritual Existence.
A Physical Way His physical planetary creation of Children can relate to and understand.
• A Way in which the LORD would most aptly display the totality of His Spiritual understanding, nature, and Self most Personally to His Chosen People (also for the benefit of individuals of the entire wayward planetary society).
• A Way in which the LORD would more deeply and physically affirm the spiritual realities within, and surrounding His miraculous undertakings already established amongst His Chosen People (also for the benefit of individuals of the entire wayward planetary society).
• A Way in which the LORD could better relate both the spiritual and physical knowledge of Himself, His Redemption, and His Salvation to His Chosen People, so they could more accurately discern Godly and Heavenly matters (also for the benefit of individuals of the entire wayward planetary society).
• A Way which would equate the LORD's totality within both the Spiritual and Physical realm to His Chosen People (also for the benefit of individuals of the entire wayward planetary society).
• A Way that would heartily expound the totality of the LORD Physically to His Chosen People (also for the benefit of individuals of the entire wayward planetary society) without jeopardizing any views upon His Spiritual Reality.
• A Way in which the LORD would heartily expound the totality of Himself Physically and Spiritually to both His Chosen People, and the entirety of each wayward planetary society too.

The LORD God knew if He did simply materialize Himself before His Chosen People, and produced many powerful earth shaking miracles it would not allow them to firmly learn, or adhere to Heavenly spiritual matters. The LORD knew that such endeavors would have them become a people desensitized toward anything, but great miraculous given miracles. So much so, that they would even begin to look upon any given miraculous occurrences of God as being an occurrence that would have to meet up to their physical standards, especially ones that would have to surpass those miracles already produced by God within their earliest beginning years.

God knew that the only extent of Heavenly knowledge which the people would then truly desire, be able to see, or seek to learn from, would have to become displayed within further initiation of more, or even greater miraculous occurrences.
God knew the display of miraculous occurrences could not exhibit the accurate spiritual Heavenly totality qualities of character concerning Himself and His Personal Godliness. The qualities of character such as His Love, Compassion, Goodness, Righteousness, Justice, Holiness, Purity, Mercy, Honor, Glory, Truth, Charity, Sinlessness and Majesty.
Miraculous occurrences could not exhibit the accurate Heavenly knowledge of eternal destruction, God's Personal wants and desires, and His universal planned workings. Most importantly God's Heavenly Glories: His Personal forgiveness from sin, Redemption, and Salvation for Eternal Living life.
All of which Satan does seek to destroy God's Heavenly knowledge and Glories from the minds and hearts of His planetary Children.

Within God's desire to have the knowledge of His planned workings known and attested to both the immediate, and future generations of His Personal Chosen People, God does cause to become written down by special Chosen Prophets the history, and Heavenly undertakings of everything God has done, affirmed, and that He would establish amongst His Chosen Community of People.
Upon each wayward planetary society these historical recordings are referred to as... The BIBLE.
Written recordings of the LORD God's:
• Major historical endeavors which He does take amongst His Chosen People upon each wayward planet.
• The entirety of His Personal physical and spiritual wants, desires, and values surrounding planetary mannerisms and attitudes. In addition to many other Heavenly understandings that do allow for His Children upon wayward planetary societies to gain His Redemption from sin, His Eternal Salvation, Graces or Judgments.
• Future prophetic planned occurrences that are established in array of Heavenly envisions, especially ones in which God does distinctly show forth an extensive prophetic view (portraying distinct and picturesque views) of His Personal Visitation upon each wayward planetary society. A Visitation in which God does establish a spiritual exhibition of Himself Physically to His Chosen People.

Satan is aware that it is within and through God's Chosen Community of People that He does firmly establish Himself Personally, His Personal Good, His Personal Visitation, and important knowledge directly pertaining to His Heavenly Kingdom for the eternal benefit of the wayward planetary society. Therefore, Satan is seen to attack their community (the Chosen) more than any other community of people upon the planet with a continual and ultimate deepened hate. Satan does seek with all his might to infect this hate with sin, blinding endeavors, and even destroy the Jews, if possible.