The LORD God's Heavenly Planned Workings
upon Wayward Planetary Societies

God's 7 Step Plan

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD,
thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


The LORD God's planned workings are established upon each wayward planetary society
within the universe in 7 Heavenly Steps. These 7 Steps are explained on the next 7 pages.

The LORD's 7 Steps for eternal existence is only needed and necessary for the LORD to introduce upon planetary societies that have fallen-prey-to Satan's influence.

The planets in the universe whose inhabitants have fallen-prey-to Satan's influence and the sin he offered are known throughout the universe as wayward planetary societies.

Satan did work closely with GOD in the beginning, and did learn much of what, and how He Personally did think, and even how He works. Satan does use the knowledge that he had learned of GOD as a useful tool to bring forth his own established kingdom. He does establish a kingdom of ungodliness. Within Satan's mimicries of God or His Good, Satan does seek to cause mankind to distortedly accept ungodly mannerism as being Heavenly inspired or guided when in reality they are not of God, or His Good.
Satan does seek to destroy God, His values, concepts, ideals and planned workings from the minds and hearts of individuals, communities, and even planetary societies as much as he possibly can. He does replace them with views surrounding himself, his ungodly values, his ungodly concepts, his ungodly ideals, and his ungodly planned workings.
Each Step the LORD God does take to bring wayward individuals back to their original state of Godliness, Satan does have a counteraction to steal God from the minds and hearts of mankind.
Satan does know he will never completely destroy the accurate view of God and His Good upon the planet. The LORD will always have a remnant of individuals upon the planet that follow His Good and Righteousness. But, Satan knows the more individuals he can deceive and destroy the longer he will put off his own demise.

Once sin does successfully infiltrate a planetary society, death does become introduced. Sin and death are of the same accord. Within sin, the view of God, Good, Heaven and Eternity becomes lost by the ungodly.
A spiritual void between mankind and God does occur. Only God can destroy this void between Himself and wayward planetary individuals.

Once a planet does succumb to the folly of sin, God does call upon His personal staff of Angels and Sons of God from other planetary societies to help aid in gaining a better social and moral view of Heavenly Good within the communities and its inhabitants upon that wayward planetary society.

Godly Sons of God that had overcome sin upon their own wayward planet, and been afforded His promised Salvation for Eternal Living Life, or Sons of God from a planetary society that has never fallen-prey-to, or known sin.
God's personal staffs of Angels and Godly Sons interject, monitor, guide or even aid the maturing and prosperity of His Heavenly planned workings upon each wayward planetary society of individuals within the universe.

God does even use ungodly individuals or communities upon the wayward planetary society to either seek maturity within the inhabitants or aid in the fulfillment of His overall Heavenly planned workings. Though ungodly, such civilizations do exist and are allowed to exist because they can aid in the maturing of planetary individuals and communities, or aid in the promotion of certain important Heavenly planned workings that God has intended for those individuals or communities in general.

Wayward individuals that choose to embrace ungodliness upon their planet will do so elsewhere in the universe. What one sows on earth, one would also sow in the Heavens. Ungodly individuals will be of no use to God or anyone else in universe.
GOD will not allow the ungodliness of sin to corrupt and destroy His Godly universe. Wayward individuals will never be allowed to travel the universe or visit Godly planets unless they overcome sin upon their own planet and attain eternal existence. God does keep sin and its waywardness contained upon the planetary societies that does fall-prey-to Satan and the sin he does offer. Wayward individuals will never be allowed to travel outside their solar system, nor will they obtain the technology to travel outside their solar system. God does make sure of this.

Only an ultimate end in Hell and destruction can be attained without God and His Personal Godly concepts of values (Good) that are designed for accurate planetary mannerism and attitudes.
Rather than simply destroy this broken creation of planetary individuals, the LORD God's heart and mind has a much larger universal plan. He does offer wayward individuals a choice.

A most special plan that will:
• Give wayward individuals a choice of Good (God's Good), or evil (Satan).
• Teach wayward individuals about God and His Good.
• Offer a second chance to become Godly. Fix what has become broken (offer wayward individuals a way back to their original state).
• Save wayward individuals from themselves and the destruction of sin.
• Save wayward individuals from death and destruction.
• Help wayward individuals sight their specialty unto GOD and His universe,... help them sight their God given powers and abilities.
• Teach wayward individuals about the LORD's Heavenly planned workings.
• Attain true Sons of God. Sons of God that will stand strong against the wiles of Satan and any sin that they may encounter. Sons of God that truly want to be Godly. Sons of God that will want to spread God's Good throughout the universe. Sons of God that are of one accord with God and His Personal Good.

Satan and his Fallen Angels are allowed to tempt, seduce, and deceive wayward individuals, but they still have God given mandates they must follow. Satan and his Fallen Angels are always closely monitored. Satan does not want God's wrath upon him, so he does keep his Fallen Angels in check. Considering Satan and his Fallen Angels were created eternal beings they have no understanding of death and fear it greatly.
There will never be forgiveness for Satan and his Fallen Angels. What Satan and his Fallen Angels have done is on a higher scale of destruction (universal) than what any wayward individual can do or cause upon their planet.

The LORD God knew He needed a Way to mature His Imaged Children into becoming stronger. He did afford Himself a ready made Way to satisfy this important need by simply allowing Satan to continue his sinful seductive practices, also allowing His planetary Children a personal choice to either follow His pathway to life eternal, or Satan's road to death and destruction.

The LORD does use Satan's wicked actions to benefit His Heavenly planned workings upon planetary societies that Satan might cause to become wayward within the universe.
The LORD decided that instead of simply destroying Satan which also would destroy sin within the universe, instead He would use Satan seductive temptation of sin to examine, test, and try:
• The strength of His Heavenly planned workings throughout the universe.
• The personal and overall strength of those planetary Children that would be desirous of universal glories, and to sight their true Heavenly favor and universal worth.

The LORD God does use the Angelic disobedience and violations upon wayward planetary societies as a training program...
A Training Ground for wayward individuals to gain knowledge and personal strength against the ungodly endeavors of sin.
A Training Ground through which sin is used to test a wayward individual's personal endurance against wicked encounters of ungodliness.
A Training Ground through which sin is used to test a wayward individual's love for, and allegiance to God and His Good.
A Training Ground for wayward individuals to learn to become more enabled to refrain from ungodly endeavors.
A Training Ground for wayward individuals to learn to become stronger beings that could better uphold God's Heavenly planned workings, wishes, desires and values.
A Training Ground for wayward individuals to better learn the consequences of sin.
A Training Ground for wayward individuals to learn to overcome sin.
The LORD God does use this training program to educate and attain strong Godly planetary individuals.
Enabling the strong Godly Children (true Sons of God) to be used by God as His Personal Caretakers and Helpers upon other wayward planetary societies throughout GOD's universe.

Only the LORD God is Holy, Pure, Righteous and Strong enough to deal with or ward off the accords of the damage and destruction that sin does produce. Only God has the abilities, capabilities and tools to extinguish the damage and destruction that sin and its wickedness does produce.

The LORD God does establish His 7 steps within His Heavenly planned workings upon wayward planets to attain strong universal Sons of God.
• Sons of God that can stand strong against Satan and the sin he does offer.
• Sons of God that can stand firm against any ungodliness they may encounter throughout the universe when helping God with His planned workings upon other wayward planetary societies.

The LORD does establish a Way for wayward individuals to accurately view Him and His Good, and avoid Hell and destruction. A Heavenly Doorway to the LORD God's promised Redemption and Salvation for Eternal Living Life.

The LORD does establish these 7 important Heavenly Universal Steps unto His Eternal Salvation upon planets in the universe that do become wayward. These 7 Heavenly Universal Steps have been personally designed by God to constitute a most special and important Heavenly and planetary marriage between God and the individuals of each wayward planetary society. A marriage likened to a two party marital relationship of a man and a woman where God and planetary individuals are afforded the chance to become united as one. A marriage that will give each wayward planetary society a chance to change their ungodly direction and ways so they may gain God's Personal Promised Redemption and Salvation into Eternal Living Life.

Wayward individuals that strive hard enough to succeed (Matthew 7:14) within the LORD God's plan unto Salvation for Eternal Existence will have the entire Heavenly (vast and limitless) universe become theirs to travel, and eternally aid God in His planned workings. Along with meeting many other Godly planetary Sons of God (family) throughout the universe!