Q. Who are the Alien/Extraterrestrial beings that individuals upon this planet have heard of, or experienced?
A. The Alien/Extraterrestrial beings that individuals upon this planet have heard of, or have experienced are cloned children of the Fallen Angels.

Q. Are the Aliens a dying species?
A. YES...
As God's planned workings does draw to an end for planet earth, so too does God's Judgment, and Final End come for all sinful evil beings of earth, and those evil beings chained to earth.

Q. Why have the Fallen Angels created cloned children?
A. To fulfill their desire to be like God.
To create a kingdom of evil children unto themselves.
In the hopes of duplicating a body with a Soul.
To deceive wayward individuals into believing they are something other than what they are.
To steal, kill, and destroy the knowledge of God from the hearts and minds of individuals.
To deceive and prevent as many as possible planetary individuals from learning the knowledge of, and Way to become true sons of God!

The Aliens do intentionally produce creatures of, and with intellect outside the realm of the human reality.
These results are exaggerated, or intentionally made as falsehoods:
• Which are used to blind and make wayward individuals believe that the universe is far more diverse within intelligent life than it actually is.
• Which are used to blind and aid in diverting wayward individuals from looking more closely at, or look to the reality and actuality of God's creativity differently.
• Which are used to blind and aid in causing wayward individuals from seeking from looking to God for answers and results, or even entertaining a correct view of God's creativity.

Q. Why do the Alien/Extraterrestrial beings abduct and experiment on human beings?
A. The Aliens and their parent creators, the Fallen Angels seek the secret to the creativity of the Soul.
The one ingredient that God has only given planetary human beings. The one ingredient that does provide the ability to exist eternally. Fallen Angels can never again live eternally, nor can Aliens experience eternal existence.
No Living Soul, no means by which to attain forgiveness or Eternal Living Life.

Q. Can a Fallen Angel/Alien heal a human?
A. Anything allowed by God a Fallen Angel/Alien can inflict upon a human being, they can also remove.
(Job 1:12) Fallen Angels/Aliens have the ability to control the human nervous system. Give an effect of almost instant healing, alter memory, perform precise surgical operations on the brain, body parts, and even organs.
Anything they may do that will look to be a complete healing, is just temporary.

Q. Why doesn't the Bible speak of Alien/Extraterrestrial beings?
A. Alien/Ufo technology was not understood until these latter days of technology.
The Bible was written and is complete for Salvation to Save wayward planetary human beings.
Aliens have nothing to do with God's Redemption or Salvation.
The Bible was written to expound God's planned workings to teach wayward planetary human beings how to successfully overcome and attain Eternal Living Life.
The Bible was NOT written to expound Satan's planned workings within failure and demise.
The Bible does not speak of Aliens directly but does warn of such things (Luke 11:22, Matt.24:24, Jeremiah 8:17, Isaiah 14:29, 1 Timothy 4:1, Psalms 78:49, Hebrews 13:2, 2 Corinthians 11:14-15, 2 Thessalonians 2:11, Galatians 1:8, Revelations 9:19).
The prophet Jeremiah (8:17) and Isaiah (14:29) did record biblically the undertakings of the Fallen Angels in creating their imaged children (Aliens).

Q. Do the Fallen Angels and their Alien children also get bound and cast into bottomless pit for 1000 years with Satan?
A. NO...
They will be running rampant with no leadership or guidance during the millennium.

Q. Why does Satan get bound and cast into bottomless pit for 1000 years?
A. At the taking place of the raptured members of the Church, the Holy Spirit (the Protector) does leave earth with the Church. If Satan wasn't taken 
     out of the way, no faith would be found.

Q. Are the Aliens responsible for the wisdom of the ages?
A. NO...
The Aliens (children of the Fallen Angels) would like wayward planetary individuals to believe such. If this lie is accepted, so will those wayward human beings accept and believe that sin and its waywardness is also a form of wisdom.

Q. What are Demons?
A. Certain Fallen Angels and their Alien children did disobey their guidelines and mandates.
These Fallen Angels and their Alien children did warrant further restrictions.
God did take steps to restrict their physical capabilities. In doing so, they no longer have a physical body. They are to exist only upon and within spiritual plains or realms as... Demons.
Though Demons have lost their physical abilities; nevertheless, they still do retain spiritual abilities that can be dangerous to those they come in contact with.
Most all of the Fallen Angels and their Alien children still retain the ability to be both physical or spiritual.
Possession is the only way in which a Demon can attain the feeling of their once held physical abilities.

Q. What are Entities?
A. They are often looked upon as disembodied (energy-presence) types, this grouping of Aliens are like Demons, who had their physical bodily 
     abilities taken away by God, because of their overzealous undertaken endeavors against mankind, and become restricted to living out their
     existence chained to the spiritual realm.
Unlike Demons, Entities are entirely chained to the spiritual realm, and have not the ability to possess the physical bodies of wayward individual or any cloned being.
They are restricted to living out their existence entirely chained to the spiritual realm.

Q. Is there any way to stop an Alien abduction of a wayward planetary individual?
A. YES...
• Calling on the Name of Jesus with true and strong faith. Unfortunately, not all that believe are true-to-faith followers. The Aliens know who is in faith, and who truly is not. God does not allow abductions of the faithful.
• Pure anger and hate can stop an abduction. The Aliens do not like to deal with pure anger and hate towards them.

Q. Why the use of spacecrafts for deception?
A. It is a big part of the Alien deception being induced by Satan and His Fallen Angels.
In the past before airborne vehicles were created, man only knew of birds to be airborne.
It is today's technology that has allowed Satan and His Fallen Angels to move forward with their plan of deception.
A deception using the clone children of the Fallen Angels known as Aliens to deceive mankind into believing they are an advanced specie from other worlds.
Telling mankind they have come to help the planet's individuals evolve to their next level of conscientiousness.
The truth is, the Aliens are dangling a carrot and leading individuals to become part of the Alien collective ...slavery unto death.
Sadly, the individuals that choose to bite that carrot and believe the lies will find out they have given up all freedoms and individuality when it's to late.
End result will be death and destruction for any and all planetary individuals who follow these beings into perdition.

Q. Are the Aliens evil?
A. YES...
The Aliens are impenitently evil.
Being cloned by Fallen Angels, the Aliens immediately adapt to the learning to view evil as being good and good as being evil.
The Aliens use evil more proficiently than any child of man does know, or can possibly realize.
The Aliens are most able to successfully establish evil through their playing of both sides (Good and evil) against the middle.
The Aliens use evil as a tool to aid & assist blindness unto God, Godliness, concerning themselves, and their agenda.
The Aliens do not believe that they do evil, nor do they believe that their liberties taken upon wayward human beings are evil.
The Aliens have nothing else to exist for but evil. Evil becomes their ultimate goal for the establishment of further blindness and to keep wayward planetary individuals from being able to truly distinguish right from wrong, Godliness from ungodliness, truth from lies, obedience to God from obedience to sin. Causing many to abandon all reasoning.

Though some Aliens do things which may seemingly be of a good jester. Anything they do is done only to aid the results within their set-agenda...the destruction and demise of wayward planetary human beings.

Q. Why is blinding wayward individuals to God and His Godliness so important to the Aliens and their agenda?
A. The Aliens realize that as the blindness towards God and His Godliness does grow, so do they become allowed to
    more freely begin upon the establishing of even greater pathways of blindness.
Pathways which does blind and cause wayward individuals to lose sight of the knowledge and freedom which God and His Godliness had originally afforded them.
Leaving wayward human beings to become blinded unto how the actual loss of this freedom does effect enough demise to bring about their destruction.
The Aliens know that without the freedom of God then there also is no real freedom of, or for self. If there is no freedom of or for self. It does then become an easy thing for such freedoms to be taken away altogether without truly knowing or realizing it.
In their blindness of God, wayward planetary individuals do choose to develop their (rather than God's) viewed structure of existence built upon "Self" by which to view and enact their social attitude.
Unfortunately this social attitude built upon "Self" does also face many shortcomings that is brought upon through pathways of Trial & Error that do afford some degree of temporary success, but overall is encased in failed social attitudes that result in structured productions that lead to much destruction.
Upon the short-term, the effects are less noticeable.
Upon the long-term, wayward human beings do eventually lose the freedom to be human upon the planet.

Q. What exactly are the Aliens (cloned children) and the Fallen Angels parents/creators ultimately seeking to do to this
    planet's inhabitants?
A. Ultimately, complete destruction through the wayward science/technology known to earth's inhabitants as ...cloning.
Subtly mankind's freedoms will be taken away until there are no more freedoms whatsoever as seen today upon the planet (which have already begun). All done in the name of... "for their own good".
Results will eventually be full control of mankind (human collective- through 'Mark of the Beast').
When full control is attained, so too will cloning become a norm for mankind to attain children.
(Mankind will also be lead to believe longevity can be attained through cloning.)
Clones do NOT have a Soul.
No Soul, no way to attain eternal existence. This fact, truth, and understanding will be hidden from the planets inhabitants. The inhabitants knowledge of God, their specialty and importance to God and the universe will eventually be abandoned, forgotten and/or taken away,... to become forever lost.
No knowledge of God (especially the planets Saviour Jesus Christ), no eternal existence.
Mankind of earth created in God's Image with a Soul will eventually become extinct over a period of 1000 years except for a remnant of 144,000 whom do stay true-to-faith and protected by God.

Q. Who is Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12)?
A. Lucifer is the created clone of Satan Himself.
Satan is the universal deceiver. Satan's clone (Lucifer) is the planetary deceiver.
Lucifer is to Satan as Jesus is to God (another mimic).

Q. When is Judgment Day for Satan and his Fallen Angels themselves?
A. Satan and his Fallen Angels are judged when God's planned workings are complete and finalized throughout the entire universe.

Q. When is Judgment Day for Lucifer?
A. When God's planned workings are finalized upon the wayward planetary society. (Revelation 20:10)

Q. When is Judgment Day for the cloned children (Aliens) of the Fallen Angels?
A. When God does finalize His planned workings and settle-up with all evil, evil doers, and the ungodly upon wayward planetary societies. Those
     Aliens (cloned children) do become judged with the planetary society they do commit folly upon.

Q. Jude 1:6 speaks of Angels that have left their first estate, their habitation: what is this referring to?
A. This is speaking of the Angels that chose to give up their allegiance unto God, place in heaven and eternal existence to follow Satan into perdition.

Q. What are the 'chains' spoken of in 2 Peter 2:4 and Jude 1:6?
A. These 'chains' are not as wayward mankind understands chains. These 'chains' are restrictions.
The Fallen Angels are chained to the solar systems where they do choose to commit folly. Fallen Angels that were able to travel the vast and limitless universe are now confined to a mere closet (so to speak).

Q. Why does the Bible say the Fallen Angels are 'chained' under darkness unto the judgment of the great day?
A. If you were once able to freely travel about your own planet and then did become 'chained' to a mere closet until final judgment, would that not be
     hell/darkness for you?

Q. What actually took place in Genesis 6 with the Sons of God and the Fallen Angels?
A. The Sons of GOD were commissioned by God to come to earth to help God and God's Angels with the early development of the planet and its
These Sons of God were never exposed to sin. Satan knew this, and does use it as a tool to persuade and cause those Sons of God to commit folly in sin, also causing them to lose the glory they have as Sons of God.
The Sons of God had gotten personally involved with the inhabitants upon the planet (which is not allowed by God).
This had nothing to do with the giants in those days. Two different events took place.

The Fallen Angels saught to create a new race of beings upon this planet.
The Fallen Angels took eggs from human females upon the planet, and manipulated those eggs to cause Giants (clones) to come forth. The Giants that did develop and become born upon the planet were both male and female.
The Giants did gravitate towards their own kind to form their own community. Their offspring became known as the Nephilim.
The Fallen Angels enabled and caused the community of Nephilim to spread blindness of and towards sin throughout the earth.
The Nephilim were the most wicked beings upon the planet.

Q. How many Angels did God cast-out-of-heaven?
A. ONE! His name was Satan.
Other Angels chose to follow Satan into perdition.
They chose to not keep their first estate,… allegiance unto God, His Good and Righteousness!
They chose to leave their own habitation,… heaven!
Jude 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

Q. Who is doing the casting to earth here, and who is being cast to earth?
Revelation 12:4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.
A. Satan is casting the cloned created children of the Fallen Angels (Aliens) to earth after the Rapture, during the Millennium!

Q. Why does Satan and his Fallen Angels use clones of themselves to decieve upon wayward planetary societies?
A. Satan and his Fallen Angels know if they do personally cause any destruction to the inhabitants upon the planet, they will be chained to, and
     judged with that planet, so they use their clones to do their dirty work.

Q. Doesn't Satan and his Fallen Angels care about their own clones?
A. NO!
They know they can create more to replace any they may lose in fulfilling their agenda upon any wayward planetary society.
They hold no feelings towards their clones. They look upon them as tools to accomplish their agenda. They will sacrifice their clones without a thought.

If Satan and his Fallen Angels hold no feelings for their own clones, and sight them as tools that can be easily replaced, that should tell human beings upon wayward planets of their thoughts towards wayward man.

Q. Are there not benevolent Aliens? (I have heard there are good Aliens and bad Aliens)
A. NO!!!
If true benevolence was felt or shown by any Alien, Satan would destroy that being. They are groomed to be evil from the very beginning of their existence by their parents, the Fallen Angels.
Most Aliens do not truly understand benevolence. They can only mimic good.

Though some Aliens do things which may seemingly be of a good jester. Anything they do is done only to aid the results within their set-agenda...the destruction and demise of wayward planetary human beings.

2 Corinthians 2:11  
Lest Satan should get an advantage of us:
for we are not ignorant of his devices.

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