Satan's Deceptive Agenda
The main goal within the Alien Agenda is to keep as many individuals upon the wayward planet as possible from being able to know God enough to become Sons of God.
Aliens do seek to destroy all individuals on the wayward planet who are Christian, Non-Christian, or even God's Chosen People.

Second Goal

The Aliens seek to keep the actuality of themselves from truly being realized by a wayward planet's general population, so as to keep them from possibly becoming:
• To aware of whom they actually are.
• To aware of what they are actually doing.
• To aware of their undertakings, direction, goals, or agenda.
• To aware of their evil reality of themselves.
• To aware of their evil desires meant for all individuals upon the planet.
• To aware of the demise that they seek to bring upon individuals as a whole.
• To aware of their sought after destruction of the planet's inhabitants in general.

Third Goal

The Aliens do seek to keep a wayward planet's general population from realizing the truth of whom God Is and the Good of His Godliness which created them, so they remain less aware of the only knowledge and power that will allow them to ward-off the evils that surround them to afford eternal survival upon their planet and in the universe.


Just as God created His Children to manifest His Image and Existence in the universe, the Fallen Angels did likewise bring forth children in their effort to reflect an image of themselves in the universe, fulfilling their desire to be like God.

Fallen Angels cannot reproduce as mankind is able to. Fallen Angels that were once Angels were not created with reproductive organs. Fallen Angels had to create their children through what wayward science refers to as... cloning.

Satan does mimic God by establishing his own kingdom of children through this process known as cloning.

The children of the Fallen Angels were originally created by Fallen Angels who chose to disregard their Angelic creativity.

The Fallen Angels were still allowed to retain much know-how, abilities, and powers after their fall from God's Grace. The Fallen Angels were still allowed enough know-how, abilities, and powers to physically create their own children through cloning, and to manifest their image within the universe.

These imaged children that the Fallen Angels do create are known to mankind of earth as... Aliens or Extraterrestrials.

The Aliens (& the Fallen Angel parents) seek the knowledge of God's creativity of the Soul.
The Aliens (& the Fallen Angel parents) see mankind as the most favorable device and apparatus for gaining information concerning a Soul, because mankind is the Only creation throughout the entire universe afforded a Soul (vehicle to exist eternally).
The Aliens (& the Fallen Angel parents) do abduct (and experiment) wayward individuals in hopes of learning how to create a physical body with a Soul for themselves to live in. They hope of creating for themselves a body with a Soul that will get them out of their predicament of Final Judgment (and demise) by God.
The Aliens (& the Fallen Angel parents) know without a Soul they cnnot be forgiven, nor live eternally.
Only God has the know-how to ever create a Soul (His Own Breathe).

2 Corinthians 2:11  
Lest Satan should get an advantage of us:
for we are not ignorant of his devices.

Alien Goals