The Aliens were physically created by the Fallen Angels in their wayward image. Fallen Angels that were once Angels were not created by God with the make-up to procreate to birth children of their own like mankind can. They can only reproduce imaged children through a wayward science known as... cloning.

In that God created His Children to manifest His Image and Existence in the universe, the Fallen Angels did likewise create their children in an effort to reflect an image of themselves within the universe, to fulfill their desire to be like God.

These children that the Fallen Angels create are introduced to wayward individuals as... Aliens (also referred to as Extraterrestrials).


The children of the Fallen Angels (Aliens) do establish bases upon wayward planets.
These bases have become more like a temporary home for them.
The bases are not strategic locations for traveling from one distant star, or star system to another.

The Aliens do establish bases upon the planet because of the planet's gravity force. The planet's gravity force does cause many probems with their spacecrafts entering and leaving. It is easier to experiment on human beings on the planet then in space.

Planetary bases are best used:
• To lower the possibility of malfunctions occurring to their spacecrafts.
• To lower the possibility of public, or technological detection.
• To lower the possibility of physical contamination occurring, especially from becoming spread.
• To build more suitable areas for the testing and hopeful cloning experimentation of the wayward human beings (the correct gravitational retrospect is very important).
• To also have areas that can be used to seek to better impress, or intimidate certain of the important influential, or secret wayward government representatives of the planet.
• To easier spread misinformation and disinformation upon the planet.

Secret bases were established upon this wayward planet by secret governments and agencies shortly after the Roswell incident, when the Aliens sought out their desired exposure in their contact with certain wayward individuals.

Secret government cover-up and security have helped the Aliens hide the bases.
The Aliens use holography to hide the bases. The Alien children are able to virtually alter the physical surrounding of the bases changing the visual appearance of the bases using holography.

The Aliens actually reside where bases have become allowed and established upon the planet. The Aliens can come and go as they please with full knowledge and even protection by these secret organizations of wayward individuals.
The secret government and other secret agencies felt in helping the Aliens to establish bases upon the planet:
• It would possibly form a deeper confederation and bond with the Aliens.
• It would possibly still afford them the ability to attain more scientific and technological information from the Aliens.
• It would better secure places upon the planet where the Aliens could be kept better track of.

The Aliens pretty much let the secret government and agencies know that they would establish bases upon the planet whether the governments wanted, or liked them to do so.

The secret government and other secret agencies in contact with the Aliens have cunningly developed cover-up programs.
Cover-up programs through which elaborate disinformation programs have been initiated to seek to out-right lie to, or merely confuse the general public concerning the actual and overall existence of the Aliens, their activities, their given technology, and the bases.
Cover-up programs in exchange for an inter-stellar spacecraft that they have been in and have on-going process of testing.
The secret government and other secret agencies believe they have something of value, but in reality it's junk. They have become traitors to their fellow humans (abductions & experimentation) for junk.

The secret government and other secret agencies felt allowing Alien bases on the planet:
• Would give them a better opportunity to watch and study the Aliens.
• Would provide a better opportunity to learn more about the Aliens.
• Would provide a better opportunity to learn, or even gain more knowledge, or technology from the Aliens.
• Would allow better opportunity to sight and learn if the Aliens did have any real agenda, or ulterior motives in coming to the planet.
• Would allow better opportunity of control if the Aliens did have any real agenda, or ulterior motives in coming to the planet.
• Would allow a secured facility (under security) to test any technologies possibly attained from the Aliens.

The secret government and other secret agencies felt allowing the Alien bases on the planet would allow enough information to advance aircraft and weapon technology that they have gained. The aircraft and weapon technology that the Aliens have afforded has been used to influence certain of the planet's leaders and communities to alter their attitude for the eventual acceptance of a One World Government.
A One World Government does and will make it easier to control the general and overall populace of the planet, but also keep and stabilize their power.

The Aliens get anything they desire, need, or want from those secret government and other secret agencies in contact with them.

The Aliens also do use the bases to leave their physical bodies when they enter, or travel the spiritual realm, but prefer to leave their physical body on board their spacecrafts. Greater protection for their physical body exists upon their craft.

The Aliens make sure the bases are very sterile for experimentation purposes. They do not want anything to jeopardize their seeking to create a Soul  for themselves, They are hoping to create a body with a Soul, to get them out of their predictament of final judgment and death. Death is something they cannot understand, because they never had to experience, or deal with it.
Children created by God are the only creation that has been afforded a Soul (vehicle to exist eternally). The Aliens use and abuse human beings in hopes of finding the secret to God's creativity of the Soul.

2 Corinthians 2:11  
Lest Satan should get an advantage of us:
for we are not ignorant of his devices.

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