The Key
God created a most Special and Precious creation of planetary Children in His Personal Image throughout His vast and limitless universe. Out of all that God has created in His entire universe only His creation of planetary Children were created in His Personal Image... Spirit & Soul. A Specialty that is very Precious to God and His created universe for the spreading of His Godliness.
Planetary Children that fall-prey-to sin do eventually lose sight of this Precious Specialty unto God, themselves and God's universe.

The Spirit

The Spirit does distinguish the reality of living existence from the reality of non-living existence. All living matter does need the embodiment of a Spirit for it to become a living existence.

The Spirit is the energy source for life.

Every physical living body of each living creature has a Spirit.
The capability of the Spirit allows a temporary recording (in light form) of active or inactive existence within every act, action, deed, or memory ever undertaken by a living creature.
Unfortunately this temporary recording of active or inactive existence within every act, action, deed or memory ever undertaken by a living creature does begin to dissipate as light does dissipate upon physical death. Living life of those creatures then does cease to exist upon physical death.

All living creatures upon the planet do not have the same type of Spirit.
The Spirit of plants, animals and mankind do differ in capabilities.

Plants cannot travel outside the boundaries of being physical living existence.

Animals cannot travel outside the boundaries of instinct.

Of all the living creatures that God does personally create only planetary Children created in God's Image are created with a very special and unique Spirit that does or will allow them to:
• Know God and His Godliness.
• Represent God and His Godliness.
• Glorify God and His Godliness.
• Understand God and His Godliness.
• A Spirit that has the ability to react, interact and change its own environment.
• A Spirit that has the ability to choose right from wrong.
• A Spirit that has the ability to love.
• A Spirit that has the ability to have dominion over all other living things on the planet.
• A Spirit that has the ability to be a higher form of intellect with morals.
• A Spirit that has the ability to successfully measure and retain reason and choice within intellect.
• A Spirit that has the ability to house/retain a Living Soul. Giving the Spirit the ability to exist eternally.
The make-up of mankind's Spirit is one that has not simply been initiated and formed as some higher form of intellectual living life, but it distinctively holds the important ability to measure and retain intellect. This ability affords man to not only be part of living life, but to take part and even alter the natural direction of that living life.
All other living creatures upon the planet have a Spirit, but without any deep ability to measure and retain intellect where they can only be part of living life and its natural direction upon the planet.
There is no other Spirit that has been designed, created or initiated in the Heavenly universe that can compare to the Spirit of God's planetary Children created in His Image.

The Soul

God does create a Living Soul within the Spirit of planetary Children created in His Personal Image. A Soul that will permanently store and record all an individual does, says, feels, thinks and does experience throughout their entire existence.

The Soul does give the Spirit the ability to live forever.
The Soul is the most special ingredient that gives the Spirit longevity (Eternal Living Life). This Special Ingredient (Soul) was only afforded to God's planetary Children created in His Image throughout the universe.

The Soul does distinguish God's Imaged Children from all other living creatures upon the planets.

Plants and animals do not have a Soul to record their existence permanently. They do cease to exist when the Spirit (energy) of their living existence does dissipate/disappear upon physical death.
Ecclesiastes 3:21 Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth?

Mankind created in God's Image is exclusively established by God with His Breath of Life. In essence it is a part of God (His Breath). Giving planetary Children a Spiritual Soul.

The Soul is the only vehicle for planetary Children to become capable of attaining Eternal Living Life.
A vehicle and ability given to man on earth when God did breathe the Breath of Life into Adam too make him a Soul. Giving and establishing within mankind on earth the ability too become Spiritual Beings.

Adam and Eve were the first two Children of God upon this planet to have been given a Soul.
Genesis 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a Living Soul.

The Spirit afforded Sons of God was initially created as a vehicle for them to establish a fully positive foundation and flow within the mind, soul and spirit.
One which does initially also protect the mind, soul and spirit of those individuals from negative influence that could affect the functions and abilities of the physical body.
If the Spirit becomes corrupted, the physical body does also become subject to corruption.
If the Spirit is not established with a positive enough foundation to allow the physical body to disregard those things which can reduce the physical bodies ability to suitably function and interact with its surroundings, the physical body will become then subject to physical ailments and even die. Not as it was initially designed to do.
These wayward individuals will then be in need of a New incorruptible physical body for the Soul to live in.

Wayward planetary individuals that do fall-prey-to sin do become in need of a New incorruptible body for Eternal Living Existence.
Only God can provide a New incorruptible body.
The Soul does record the DNA of individuals which allows God to form a New Physical Body for those that are rewarded Eternal Living Life.
The Soul is transferred by God into a New incorruptible body for Eternal Living Life.
God does transfer into a New incorruptible body the Soul of those individuals that do choose to completely follow and adhere to God & His Godliness (Jesus Christ) now & forevermore. A New incorruptible body that has the ability to be both physical and spiritual.
True-to-faith Sons and Daughters of God will receive this reward.

A Soul cannot be duplicated or cloned. One would have to know all the interactions which each genetic code and particle does have or does take on individually as it becomes formed into a living cell.
The Soul houses the personage of an individual's individuality and self-will which cannot be duplicated/cloned.
Human clones are created in the image of wayward man, not in the Image of God.

It took God an equal knowledge to successfully create the Soul as GOD did use to successfully create the universe. Only God has the know-how and ability to create a Soul.

God caused for the existence of each Soul to only become multiplied or reproduced naturally within His Imaged planetary Children through a single physical process known as... Procreation.
God does ensure that no other creature in the universe could have the physical and spiritual capability to create a Soul. The Soul was brought into being through God's Breath of Life. It is virtually impossible for any creature in the Heavens or in the universe to physically duplicate God's Breath of Life which is a direct make-up of God's Spirit.

The existence of a Soul can only become developed through mankind's natural physical reproduction process. The egg must be attached to the womb at the very first splitting of the egg-cell for the Soul to form.

The Soul afforded mankind does begin to form and function at the fourth splitting of the egg-cell.
The recording and housing of every emotion, thought, act or action undertaken even as a mere fetus does begin shortly after conception. A child does learn the basic forms of Good and evil while in the womb, but does not know how to choose between Good and evil while in the womb. A child can only become accountable when the child does choose between Good or evil and does act on that choice. This can only take place after birth. (Psalm 58:3, Isaiah 7:14-16, Romans 9:11)

The initial egg of a woman is very resilient to some degree.
The egg's initial make-up does allow for a Living Soul to begin development upon fertilization of that egg.
When the egg's initial make-up is tampered with or altered in any way, the composition of the egg's initial make-up does also become altered.
Alteration or tampering of the egg by outside forces does not allow for the development of a Soul to occur.

The Soul does not rely solely upon physical brain-wave enhancement to record and house every emotion, thought, action, or deed ever encountered or undertaken within an individuals physical existence. The Soul was created to be a living existence unto itself.

The Soul which God created His Imaged Children with is more specialized and individualized than a finger-print, or even an eye-print. The Soul is the special ingredient which retains individuality.

The Soul given to His Imaged Children does allow God to attain true-to-faith Sons of God that are eternal.
The Soul is the vehicle through which God is fully able to sight and know the true entirety of allegiance to Himself and His Godliness that each individual does have.
The Soul is the vehicle that God does use to gain the best of the best of individuals that will choose to fully follow and adhere to His Godliness eternally as Sons of God.

It is the dedication to God and His Godliness within the Spirit and Soul of an individual that does determine the direction (Heaven or Hell) that the Soul will go upon physical death.
God doesn't send anyone to hell. Mankind has been given the free-will to choose their own destiny.

The Soul is God's Personal vehicle in which He can ultimately determine which planetary Children are useful and which are not useful for aiding and assisting others on planetary societies throughout His Heavenly universe.

Planetary Children have been created with a Soul to house God's Image.
Just as there is One God that is the very Living Soul of the entirety of the universe, God did create one representing Image of that Soul upon planets. A special planetary creation which is made by God too reflect, manifest or represent the Image of God spiritually throughout His universe.

God's creativity of a most unique and special Spirit and Soul
has only been afforded by God to His planetary creation of Children.

Human Spirit and Soul