Mankind of earth is being led down a path of destruction through the wayward technology known as... Cloning.

Cloning is evil and comes from an evil source.
The technology of cloning has been given to certain individuals of earth by the evil Aliens (children of the Fallen Angels) to bring about the demise of mankind created in God's Image.
This technology has been given to a secret organization of individuals in exchange for keeping Satan's deception hidden for a time.
These wayward individuals involved have been blinded to the true identity and truth of this deception they do hide from the public.
Unfortunately, greed and power has also blinded these same wayward individuals in not sighting anything these beings do offer mankind does have the Fallen Angel's agenda attached to it, which is mankind's ultimate destruction and demise.

Clones do not, nor will they ever have the ability to retain/house a Soul.


The Soul is a tool that God has explicitly created for planetary Children created in His Image. The Soul is the given vehicle affording God's Children the ability to exist eternally.
Planetary Children are the only creation throughout the entire universe afforded a Soul.

(Angels were created eternal beings and have no need for a Soul. The need came for certain Angels after their fall from God's Grace. The Fallen Angels do now seek to find the secret to God's creativity of the Soul through the wayward technology/science known as... cloning)

It took God an equal knowledge to successfully create the Soul that He did use to successfully create the universe. Only God has the know-how and ability to create a Soul (His Own Breathe).

God caused for the existence of each Soul to only become multiplied, or reproduced naturally within His creation of planetary Children through a single physical process known as Procreation.
The existence of a Soul can only become developed through the natural physical reproduction process.
The female egg must be attached to the womb at the very first splitting of the egg-cell for the Soul to form at the fourth splitting of the egg-cell.

Multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.) cannot be compared to cloning.
The Souls do form in multiple pregnancies when the fertilized eggs are attach to the wall of the uterus/womb upon the fourth splitting of egg-cells.

The Soul does give the Spirit the ability to permanently store and record all an individual does, thinks, feels, says and experiences throughout an individuals entire existence.
The Soul (and Spirit) does form and begin functioning at the fourth splitting of the egg-cell.
The recording and housing of every emotion, thought, act, or action undertaken, even as a mere fetus does begin shortly after conception.

Even though clones do possess a Spirit (energy source for life) like other living creatures upon the planet, the capability of the Spirit only allows a temporary recording (in light form) of active, or inactive existence within every act, action, deed, or memory ever undertaken by a living creature.
Unfortunately, this temporary recording of active, or inactive existence within every act, action, deed, or memory ever undertaken by a living creature does begin to dissipate as light does dissipate upon death. Living life of those creatures then does cease to exist upon physical death.

A Soul cannot be duplicated. One would have to know all the interactions which each genetic code and particle does have, or does take individually as it becomes formed into a living cell.
The Soul houses the personage of an individual's individuality and self-will which cannot be duplicated/cloned.
Each Soul which each individual has is more specialized and individualized than a finger-print, or even an eye-print.

The Genetic Code does become broken within a cloned individual making it impossible for the spirit of any offspring to retain a Soul.

God does ensure that no other creature in the universe could have the physical and spiritual capability to create a Soul.
The Soul was brought into being through God's Breath of Life. It is virtually impossible for any creature in the Heavens, or in the universe to physically duplicate God's Breath of Life, which is a direct make-up of God's Spirit.

Cloning is pure evil!


God's creativity of the Soul is the vehicle to attain Eternal Living Life. Clones cannot attain Eternal Existence without a Soul. Clones will cease to exist upon physical death with no hope, chance, or choice for continuance of Life.

Wayward individuals will continue to try to save their species through different methods within cloning.
As copies (clones) are made from copies, the overall quality decreases (as within a copy/copies of anything), and a greater chance of a fatal mutation does take place.

Clones created by wayward mankind will be created in the image of wayward man, and not in the Image of God with a God breathe Soul. Which leaves all clones lacking in the ability to attain Eternal Living Life.

Human beings created in God's Image with a Soul will become almost extinct in the future due to wayward man's misuse of the wayward technology/science called cloning!

Certain individuals upon this wayward planet earth have been cloning humans since the early 1950's unbeknown to the inhabitants of the planet. They have been grooming cloned individuals for high positions within the governments, or associated with governments.


Clones- DNA sequence, such as a gene, that is transferred from one
organism to another and replicated by genetic engineering techniques.


2 Corinthians 2:11  
Lest Satan should get an advantage of us:
for we are not ignorant of his devices.


Clones DO NOT have a Soul, the means by which to exist eternally.

Satan's Deceptive Agenda