The Fallen Angels actually cause their cloned children (Aliens) to become brought forth with certain degrees of intellect that will allow for them to immediately understand, and use certain avenues of science that will aid them to better accomplish their destructive task on wayward planets.

The abilities in science, and the understanding of genetics upon the wayward planets is always overshadowed by the Aliens (Satan's kingdom of cloned children).

Any knowledge that has been gained by the Aliens concerning genetics is gained from three (3) sources that allows them deep understanding of how genetics function & work.
-1- The Aliens are created with some degree of knowledge and scientific ability that does allow for them to understand, and naturally be able to grasp human genetics more easily.
-2- The Aliens have been taught much about their understanding of human genetics since they were first brought into being.
-3- The Aliens have undertaken experimentations on humans since before the existence of any communal existence upon this wayward planet.

The Aliens do embark upon genetic programs involving cloning.

The Aliens do undertake to use their genetic capabilities within their experimenting on humans in faint hopes of being able to:
• Hopefully find out how a Soul was initially created by God in the first place.
• Hopefully find out how a Soul was placed within the physical make-up of human beings in the first place.
• Hopefully find out the make-up of human genetics that allows for a Soul to sustain the Spirit indefinitely.
• Hopefully find out how to reproduce a likened physical body similar to God's creation of mankind with a Soul.
The Aliens and their Fallen Angel parents know that the Soul is the vehicle to exist eternally, and only human beings have been afforded a Soul.

The Aliens are very capable at cloning a physical body much like themselves.
Yet those cloned bodies that are created:
• Do not have a Soul.
• Do not have any greater longevity.
In that the Aliens and their Fallen Angel creators have no Soul in the first place, neither can they clone what they have never had.

The genetic sequence that the Aliens do use in the cloning of themselves had long ago broken down and limited their longevity.
Copies of copies of anything do eventually break down and become weak.

The Aliens are capable of cloning a human physical body through artificial means that does prematurely cause for human eggs to reach their maturity for birth outside the use of a womb.

Though the Aliens have been successful in the cloning of human bodies, they have not made any beneficial changes, or alteration that could improve upon mankind any better than God's initial creation of them.

In their producing of cloned human likeness, those creatures do also lose the human ability for producing of a Soul.

There are six (6) main things that relate to the purpose of why the Aliens do value cloning so very much. All of them do surround their desire to possibly gain the ability of duplicating God's creativity of a Soul.
-1- The Aliens do lack having a Soul because they were not created by God , nor in His Image with a Soul. Nor do they hold any capability of naturally having a Soul.
-2- The Aliens use cloning in hopes that they may find the key to creating a Soul.
-3- The Aliens believe that if they become able to create a living creature with a Soul, so will they eventually become able to create a Soul for themselves.
-4- The Aliens fully realize that of all living creatures in the universe only mankind was created by God with a physical body that does have a Soul. Mankind is the only creature that they do use to experiment on in their quest at seeking to find out the key to creating of a Soul.
-5- The Aliens physically lack having a vehicle such as the Soul that will allow their existence to exist eternally in the universe. Cloning is the only hope that they have for possibly finding the key to creating a Soul that they can use to provide for them Eternal Living Life.
-6- The Aliens fully realize that mankind is the only living creature in the universe to have a Soul.
Mankind is the single living creature to be used in their efforts to find out the secrets of a Soul.

Cloning does not solve the Alien dilemma of not having a Soul, nor does it allow them any access to attain one. They have not in the many multi-millions of years and efforts made throughout time ever become able to successfully form a Soul.

The Aliens are harvesting DNA from wayward individuals to some extent. The Aliens use human DNA that they harvest from individuals in their efforts to replicate a Soul.

Aliens use female humans as guinea pigs to implant into them embryos that have been genetically engineered, or modified hoping they do succeed within their efforts to create human bodies that they can possibly find a way to replicate a Soul.

It is necessary for the Aliens to use the female humans to attain the DNA they need to create a physical body that is able to actually produce a Soul.

It is necessary for the Aliens to have the usage of female humans to afford the needed ingredient by which they can implant embryos within to possibly replicate a Soul.

The Aliens do fully realize that they are forcibly causing for the female implanted to become forced to face deep physical, or mental hardships in their undertaken endeavors. They care more for having possible success in the replication of a Soul than for the actual female.

The Aliens do fully realize that the DNA that they genetically engineer, use, and then implant into the female human has little chance of replicating any Soul at all.

The Aliens produce life forms born premature, and then they are technologically forced to reach a maturity outside the womb. The genetics of an egg has already been tampered with, so they are still clones without Souls.

The Aliens have been also successful at using cloning to inter-mix different breeds of both animals and creatures. The one's that do not turn out to be physically hideous, or have distorted Spirits do become known as... the Hybrids.

Hybrids are a side result produced by experimentations and testing upon human beings than it is an exact science. Hybrids are a side result that cannot produce, or even replicate vast numbers of Hybrids.

The Hybrids that the Aliens do produce are actually genetically more human than Alien. This is because they do genetically consist of more of a human make-up.

Cloning of Hybrids is not the perfect solution for solving the Alien dilemma of not having a Soul, nor does it allow them any access to attain one. They have Not within the millions of Hybrids that they have created throughout time been able to successfully form a Soul.

The Hybrid creations do Not have a Soul, even though the genetic material used to create a Hybrid is most, or impart human.
This is due to two (2) simple facts.
-1- Any tampering with the human egg that does result in the puncturing of the membrane that encases the human egg will not allow the producing of a creature to form with a Soul.
-2- There are alterations of the basic genetic make-up of the human that cannot be made with any actual successfulness due to the fact that only God has the knowledge and ability to do so.

Though the Hybrid creation that Aliens produce:
• Can reasonably have what seems to be a normal life...
• Does appear and look to follow what may seem to be a normal existence...
The Living Life of the Hybrid is one:
• That is a short-lived manipulation of temporary management of, or within a temporary resolution and end.
• With no possible hope, chance, or choice for any Salvation that provides for an eternal existence to take place.
• With out a Soul to retain the physical memory to prevent and avoid the complete loss of the spirit in physical death.
The Aliens are crossbreeding Hybrid humans with ordinary human beings. The results from a crossbreeding of a Hybrid human and an ordinary human being are creatures that can physically resemble humankind to a deep degree, but:
• Lack a Soul.
• Lack any deep, or real Heavenly Spirit.
• Lack many true human abilities to cope with the human frailties as human beings are.
• Are more inflexible in realizing the reality of, or the acceptance of many of the true human frailties.
• Have less emotions and feelings, and are more rigid towards such acceptance than true human beings are.
• Have less ability to value Goodly, or most importantly value the Godly.
• Have more mental instabilities than true human beings.
• Lack many long-term genetic abilities.
All of which (and more) causes them to have less abilities to value Goodly, or most importantly Godly mannerisms that true human beings were initially created with.

The Aliens do use only raw material that they are able to find upon the wayward planets in their efforts to create physical bodies for themselves to be able to actually inhabit, if they need one. Anything that they are able and allowed to get their hands on they will use, even humans.

The Aliens are able to produce humanoid-like creatures that do aid to blind wayward individuals and communities unto the Alien actual intent, failures, and Alien Agenda.

The Aliens do introduce to some individuals upon the planet humanoid-like creatures that they do genetically cross-breed with themselves and human beings.

The Aliens do not expose to individuals:
• That though they can genetically cross-breed creatures, they completely lack the ability to duplicate the Soul.
• That in their efforts they have sought for million of years to use genetics to clone several humanoid-like creatures upon different wayward planets in their efforts to duplicate the Soul. The Aliens and their Fallen Angel parents will NEVER be successful in duplicating a Soul, but they have nothing else to live for but to keep trying. 
The humanoid-like creatures that the Aliens do produce does not prove that they are experts in cross-breeding their genetic material with that of human beings. In all the knowledge and abilities they had been initially endowed with, they have never had much ability to control the genetic code of mankind that God created after His Image.

The Aliens haven't been successful at all in the gaining of enough information to become able to create a Soul, even though the Aliens (and the Fallen Angel parents) do have very advanced ability in genetic engineering.

The Aliens are able to transfer their spiritual existence to another physical body for a short period of planetary time.

The Aliens sometimes do admit to the fact that they are indeed embarking on a genetics program. Often leaving out the important fact that they are in actuality embarking on a genetics program within cloning in hopes of duplicating God's creativity of a Soul.

The Aliens sometimes do state that they are indeed embarking on a genetics program to aid and assist human beings and their communities, especially to possibly gain enough knowledge about human beings using their own tools to bring betterment unto the communities of humans.
• Often leaving out the important fact that the knowledge they seek within those genetics program is the knowledge of duplicating God's creativity of a Soul.
• Often leaving out the important fact that while some knowledge they do attain within those genetics programs might be of some benefit to humans and their communities.
In reality no knowledge that the Aliens would attain for the duplicating of a Soul could be used by humans (for their betterment) because they already have a Soul.

The Aliens do sometimes convey to wayward individuals that they are seeking to save them and their communities from possible ongoing destruction. What they do not tell wayward individuals is that there is nothing whatsoever, nor any extent whatsoever that the Aliens would, or would not do to gain the same eternal possibilities and ability for Eternal Living Life as mankind has been given by God.
• Even if they have to alter a branch of their own physical reality towards a more traditional human form (whom they hate) to attain the possibility for gaining a Soul... then so be it.
• Even if allowed to they would destroy an entire planetary society in their efforts.

2 Corinthians 2:11  
Lest Satan should get an advantage of us:
for we are not ignorant of his devices.

Alien Usage of Genetics

Satan's Deceptive Agenda