Satan's Deceptive Agenda
Just as God created His Children to manifest His Image and Existence in the universe, the Fallen Angels did likewise bring forth children in their effort to reflect an image of themselves in the universe.

Fallen Angels cannot reproduce as mankind is able to. Fallen Angels that were once Angels were not created with reproductive organs. Fallen Angels had to create their children through what wayward science refers to as... cloning.

Satan does mimic God by establishing his own kingdom of children through this process known as cloning.

These imaged children that the Fallen Angels do create are known to mankind of earth as... Aliens or Extraterrestrials.


Evil is the tool used to pave the way for the introduction of sin to become brought forth. Individuals on wayward planets that choose to partake in Evil do become led by Evil to distort the actuality of the Evil which they do partake of.
Evil does cause for its partakers to not know that it is the stepping stone through which sin becomes brought forth.

Evil is the word used to describe the direction that participants of sin become set on to follow.
The individuals that have fallen-prey-to sin do follow pathways that seek to keep them blinded to God's Glory.
It is this very blindness that also causes for the individual to choose to follow the glory of Evil instead of the Spiritual, or the Physically things and matters of God's Good which has set the parameters that surround their existence.

Evil does cause the inhabitants on wayward planets to become less aware of the fact that Evil does Not come from God, but from their brought forth ignorance and neglect of the Good things of God that do naturally afford the positive direction needed for attaining success.

Evil does cause the inhabitants on wayward planets to not know that Evil does seek to persuade its participants to make changes to how they view, and act towards the things of Good that at one time actually offered them simpler livelihoods, and even far greater felt individual securities. In making the changes unto the things of Good, Evil seeks to also offer its participants promises through devises and vehicles that do allow Evil to become indirectly promoted, or used as a form of glory that is used to sacrifice Good more than Evil, which individuals become led to believe it can be used to better themselves, or existence.
The results lead the partakers to ignore the fact that because of Evil, so do they become desensitized to the extent to which their Evil has influenced them. Evil does influence them to introduce changes to areas of their existence by allowing greater acceptable usage of Evil to produce even greater Evils.

Evil does cause the inhabitants on wayward planets to not know that Evil does seek to employ its own form of views and values that do neglect the endeavors of Evil that do disregard things that do provide the things of Good needed to prevent Evil from securing its subtle demise and destruction to their existence.

Evil does cause the inhabitants on wayward planets to not know that Evil does seek to expand its nature on other parts of their existence in, or through the seeking to persuade them to deeply ignore, neglect, or form rejections of the points, objects, events, acts, devices, deeds, actions, or undertakings that are centered on abilities to know God's Good. Wayward individuals then become led on pathways of action and activity for becoming deeply influenced and damaged by the knowledge, or experience that Evil produces.

Evil does cause the inhabitants on wayward planets to not know that Evil does distort the reality of Good within as many different communities as possible, and then seeks to persuade each community to form their own interpretations of what Evil is, and looks like, as opposed to Good. Each community does use their own interpretations of Evil and Good to embark upon different directions for each displaying of their own views of Evil and Good that also serves to reflect different forms of interactions among each community member.

Evil does cause the inhabitants on wayward planets to not know that Evil distorts their basic views on the things God created for their overall long-term (eternal) success and survival.

The Aliens do deeply seek to establish amongst the communities various cunning distortion of evil that:
• Seeks to lessen how wayward individuals view evil & sin.
• Seeks to lessen the actuality of evil & sin.
• Seeks to lessen the destructiveness of evil & sin.
• Seeks to lessen the responsibility for evil & sin.
• Seeks to lessen the accountability for evil & sin.
• Seeks to lessen their responsibility in taking part of evil & sin.
• Seeks to lessen the need for Forgiveness from sin.
• Seeks to lessen the value of those individuals that know what sin is.
• Seeks to lessen the value of Heaven in being without sin.
• Seeks to lessen the price needed to pay for the destruction put forth by sin.
• Seeks to lessen the difference between Good & sin.
The Aliens seek to establish such grave distortions for four (4) reasons.
-1- They do realize fully that God does Physically Visit the planet being Jesus Christ for the special purpose of establishing His Promise for Salvation for all the planet's individuals to partake of and gain eternal life, if they choose to.
-2- They do realize fully that they (Aliens) can never become Saved, nor attain Salvation because of their chained attachment and participations in sin.
-3- They do realize fully that they are eternally damned and can never become Saved, nor attain Salvation, because they have no Soul.
-4- They do deeply despise mankind, because of God's Love of them, their having a Soul, and they can attain from God eternal living life.

Evil and blindness unto God go hand in hand, and when one, or the other is undertaken, so does the individual become weakened by both to become more susceptible to demise, conquest, or destruction.
The Aliens use this knowledge as a foundation for their lies to aid their agenda.

The Aliens know that in being successful at deceiving individuals unto evil, so will those individuals end up allowing their eyes to ignore and not truly sight the evil that they seek to produce, or promote in their communities.
In not being able to truly sight the evil that the Aliens seek to produce, or promote in their communities, so will those individuals not truly sight that the evil the Aliens do produce:
• Does co-habit the same understanding of/for the awing questions concerning the complexity of the knowledge that they seek to attain.
• Does seek to only allow for the treatment of results, rather than the condition within problems they face because of their wayward inabilities.
• Has obscured the true understanding of much of knowledge they have attained.
• Has enhanced alternative directions of understanding for the awing questions concerning the complexity of the knowledge that they seek to use.
• Will allow the Aliens to do the things necessary to establish the needed deceptions for persuading individuals and their communities to become more deeply blinded to evil by things that they believe they are correctly undertaking, or seeking when the opposite is true.
• Will allow for the Aliens to attain a greater control of individuals and their communities on the planet.

The Aliens seek to persuade the inhabitants on wayward planets that evil itself does not actually exist, but rather it can only be related to some response to learning something.
The Aliens desire for individuals to look at the learning of evil as being related to a young child that learns not to play with fire by getting burnt by the fire that they play with, yet in reality they:
• Are learning one of the many forms of heat.
• Are learning one of the many forms of pain.
• Are learning what to truly respect.
• Are learning what not to play freely with.
• Are learning what to not do because of the pain.
Not Evil itself.

The Aliens simply use the blindness unto God that wayward individuals have as a foundation for the allowing of their evil to be ignored & overlooked, which causes individuals to become desensitized by their undertaken blindness to also ignore and overlook the evil undertaken by Aliens to develop misplaced views of whom the Aliens are, and what they are doing.

Evil does cause the inhabitants on wayward planets to not truly know that Evil does have the natural ability to form endeavors that do seek to influence individuals with views, or beliefs that alter how Evil is looked at. The participants of Evil are persuaded to treat it with equal value & resemblance to Good.

Concerning Sin

The Aliens do realize when individuals do lose sight of God, so will they become far more easily led to sin, and also become led by their sin to underestimate Satan, evil, and even the actuality of what Aliens do.
A factor; as the attainment of knowledge grows on the planet, so will individuals allow themselves to overestimate and become puffed-up in their growth of knowledge. They also do allow themselves to feel less of a need to sight, or even believe on the actuality of God, His Good and Righteousness. Thereby losing the ability to sight the deeper make-up of those things that God used to create them, and the things in their surrounding existence.
Not wanting to face their lost sight, so do those individuals begin to trust in things not of God to be more useful, and more possible.

Sin does subtly seek to influence its participants with various misplaced attitudes and views that place the value of sin on some goodly levels of acceptance. It is in this misplacement of values that individuals on wayward planets become led to view Good as Evil, and Evil as being Good.

2 Corinthians 2:11  
Lest Satan should get an advantage of us:
for we are not ignorant of his devices.

Alien Lies Concerning Evil

Alien Lies