Satan's Deceptive Agenda
Just as God created His Children to manifest His Image and Existence in the universe, the Fallen Angels did likewise bring forth children in their effort to reflect an image of themselves in the universe.

Fallen Angels cannot reproduce as mankind is able to. Fallen Angels that were once Angels were not created with reproductive organs. Fallen Angels had to create their children through what wayward science refers to as... cloning.

Satan does mimic God  by establishing his own kingdom of children through this process known as cloning.

These imaged children that the Fallen Angels do create are known to mankind of earth as... Aliens or Extraterrestrials.


The Aliens do seek to promote deep deceptions amongst a wayward planet's various individuals & communities that do deal with the being of Satan's very own existence:
• As not truly being real.
• As not being a Fallen Angel.
• As not truly being completely evil.
• As not seeking the destruction of Good.
• As not seeking to destroy them.
• As not being the initiator of sin.
The individuals on wayward planets who choose to fall-prey-to the following of such views or beliefs:
• Are less aware of the Aliens being Satan's children.
• Are less aware of Satan.
• Are less aware of evil and sin.
• Are less aware of the evil and sin which Satan, or his Alien children surround them with.
• Are less aware of the demise that evil does, or is slowly bringing upon them.
• Are less aware of Good, and more willing to partake of sin.

The Aliens do aid, or even promote endeavors that do seek to deeply blind the inhabitants, or the communities of the wayward planets to the actuality of Satan's brought forth sin, and the evil of his whisperings through the spreading of a vast variety of lies.
The Aliens seek to spread the lies, because they know that the blindness that individuals & communities do attain towards Satan will allow mankind to face far lesser:
• Ability to distinguish the actuality of Satan.
• Ability to sight the whisperings of sin put forth by Satan.
• Ability to sight that disbelief in Satan allows him to reinforce sin.
• Ability to question, or detect the Aliens real purpose & agenda within communities on their wayward planet.

Concerning Fallen Angels

The Aliens seek to establish on wayward planets many deceptions that are specially designed to keep that planet's inhabitants from:
• Truly realizing the existence of Fallen Angels.
• Truly realizing that Fallen Angels are the Alien's creator and parents.
• Truly realizing that Fallen Angels did teach Aliens to despise all planetary individuals.
• Truly realizing that Fallen Angels did teach the Aliens everything that they know.
• Truly realizing that Fallen Angels are the beings that the Aliens answer to.
In successfully blinding a planet's inhabitants unto the Fallen Angels, so do wayward individuals allow their eyes to ignore and not be able to sight what the Fallen Angels are actually seeking to do to the wayward planet's inhabitants.

2 Corinthians 2:11  
Lest Satan should get an advantage of us:
for we are not ignorant of his devices.

Alien Lies Concerning
Satan & His Fallen Angels

Alien Lies